The meaning and the impact of the word: " Commitment!"

The meaning and the impact of the word: " Commitment!" Commitment is a very important and powerful word. Too many people have forgotten its true meaning.

Here is what the Webster dictionary has to say about the word commitment: " An agreement or a pledge to do something in the future. To honour, to respect one's word, one's commitment".

As human beings we create with our words. Absolutely nothing can be manifested in the physical dimension without it being shared with others through our words.

As stated in the Bible-" First there was the Word". That is the first step to creation. " In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth. The Earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters, and God said: "Let there be light" and there was light. ( Genesis 1-3)

Commitment is something that we declare we are going to do. However, it cannot be made manifest in the physical dimensions without action. Commitment becomes alive only through action. If not, it is not a commitment, but only empty words!

As human beings, being aware that we create through our words, which have tremendous power, makes us become aware that if we are not BEING those words, we are in serious trouble. We lose power every time we do not follow through on our commitments.

Everything seen in the physical dimension was first created in the metaphysical dimension. The word " metaphysical" is taken from two Greek words: "meta" meaning "above, beyond or over", and "physika" meaning "physics". Metaphysical literally means "beyond the physical".

We create metaphysically through our thoughts and words before our creations can be manifested in the physical world. If we are not our word, what are we? What do we have left?

As a child, have you ever experienced someone making a promise to you and who did not follow through? How did you feel? Did that person lose credibility and even your respect?

The impact of non-commitment is tremendous! We are experiencing this in our societies and business world, and are going through very troubled times, because of this distinction not being fully understood nor applied.

We've seen business empires fail, scandalous situations of non-integrity in our governments and societies, due to individuals not being their word, not following through on their commitments to their people or their communities.

Nothing we create can be strong nor solid, when built on a foundation of non-commitment and without integrity.

The famous saying "Walk The Talk", is a very good one. Powerful leaders, who are respected, who make a difference, and who become role models, always " Walk Their Talk".

If you are a leader, you cannot demand commitment from your peers if you aren't honoring your own commitments.

Always remember, we are human BEINGS, and what we do is always directly linked to who we have chosen to be!

If you do not like what is going on in your world, look at what you are saying and doing. Are your words and actions truly aligned with who you claim to be?

Why is the divorce rate so high?  It is because people have forgotten the true meaning of the word " commitment". If you do not truly want to commit, it's quite simple " Don't". Because if you do, not being your commitment is no longer an option!

The cost of non-commitment is high. Organizations fail due to leaders who are not following through on their commitments. Many leaders demand that their people be committed, and yet they themselves, do not Walk Their Talk.

If the leader is a poor role model, how can they expect their teams to be what they are not?  People of integrity and commitment, cannot work with people who do not share these important values and qualities. They eventually leave and choose to work with leaders who support who they are.

Good people leave because poor leaders are kept in important positions while causing a lot of damage.

People who succeed in life, organizations that experience extraordinary results, " Walk Their Talk". They are their word. They are people of high integrity; they are their commitments.

Committed people are respected, and always lead by example. They make a difference and contribute to creating more powerful and committed leaders who will take over and follow in their footsteps.

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