Ghislaine Labelle, CSP.CPV

Professional Coach, Facilitator and Published Author

Ghislaine Labelle, coach professionnelle

Dynamism and integrity
Complementing her solid work experience is Ghislaine's great personal compassion and dynamism, with which she supports other professionals wanting to excel in their area of expertise. She is valued by her clients for her ability to develop motivational and performance tools that are adapted to their specific needs, and to implement them thoroughly. Her attentive after-sales follow-up allows her to provide a sense of closure to the coaching and training process.

Clear and creative communication
Ghislaine's coaching is effective because she is able to draw on her personal experience and strengths, and to adapt her approach to her listeners. Her ability to listen and her adaptability facilitate communication with a wide variety of players. Her style balances professionalism, integrity and clarity with warmth and humour.

Ongoing professional training allows Ghislaine to continuously upgrade her own knowledge and skills.

Ghislaine is a certified coach and professional facilitator.  Also a graduate from  the Canadian Professional Sales Association program for whom she faciliated workshops and coaching for more than 7 years. All Coaching Vision Action workshops are accredited by La commission de partenaires du marché du travail (CPMT) and are applicable to the competence law. She is also certified by Le Réseau des Femmes d'Affaires du Québec, and also belongs to several key professional organizations.

Ghislaine Labelle is the President and founder of Coaching Vision Action.

Ghislaine’s career began as an executive assistant for more than ten years. Over the years she has acquired more than 30 years’ experience in marketing and sales, occupying both sales and management positions for different high end multinational printers and contract packaging Companies servicing the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries within Canada and Eastern United States.

For more than fifteen years, Ghislaine has been offering professional coaching and facilitating workshops to all types of team leaders and executives within a wide variety of industries. She was as a longtime member of International Coach Federation and was Vice-President of the Quebec Chapter in 2007. She obtained her certification as Professional Facilitator from UQAM (Quebec University in Montreal) and graduated with distinction from the CPSA’s, ( Canadian Professional Sales Institute) Certified Professional Selling Program in 2009 as professional facilitator and coach. She is also certified by Le Réseau des Femmes d'affaires du Québec and is a member of many business associations.

She has been delivering a wide variety of workshops adressing professional sales and negociation techniques, strategic account management, team synergy , time and priority management, as well as leadership and communication skills and techniques.

Ghislaine is a Public Speaker and Published Author of two books presently available in all book stores,  and has delivered a wide variety of conferences and written various articles for different business magazines, organizations and associations

Ghislaine is also a popular lecturer and author of 2 books available in bookstores. She has also written numerous articles for several journals.

Ghislaine Labelle has presented conferences and workshops to organisations such as the International Coach Federation, Réseau des Femmes d'affaires du Québec, Kwik Kopy printing franchisees, Schering Plough Canada, Caméo Crafts Inc, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Les Aliments Humpty Dumpty, Camfill Farr, and many more.

Conference topics have included the following :

  • The True Power of Leadership
  • Mastering the Art of Delegation
  • How to Create an Abundance of Time
  • How to Master our True Fears
  • How to Identify and Overcome Obstacles
  • Team Synergy: Making it Make Sense
  • The Savoir-Faire Aspect of Political Abilities
  • And more ...

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