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Our approach

Coaches and trainers at Coaching Vision Action develop a personal relationship with coachees and participants. This relationship is based on genuine listening and on an in-depth enquiry process. They transmit their passion for success and encourage participants to take action quickly in order to benefit from the training or coaching in a lasting way.

We don't have a ready-made formula or single recipe. Each intervention is adapted to the unique needs of the participant.

The Coaching Vision Action approach: listening, action, integrity, excellence and success, in a relaxed, positive and completely confidential atmosphere.

Who Should Get Coaching?

Who Should Get Coaching?

Anyone who really wants to excel in life, business, or work. Anyone who wants go as far as possible, while respecting their own values.

Just like athletes work with coaches to improve their sports performance, anyone can benefit from a coaching relationship to improve their performance in work or in life. A coach will listen to you and urge you to take action.

If you have dreams and want to take steps towards achieving them, a coach will help and support you.

Professional Coaching Allows You To:

  • Identify and attain your goals and objectives
  • Determine your priorities
  • Become conscious of how you behave within interpersonal relationships
  • Identify your frustrations and the things that hold you back
  • Develop an action plan with precise steps and deadlines
  • Quickly move to the action stage
  • Go outside your comfort zone to implement new solutions to recurring problems.

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