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Our approach

Coaches and trainers at Coaching Vision Action develop a personal relationship with coachees and participants. This relationship is based on genuine listening and on an in-depth enquiry process. They transmit their passion for success and encourage participants to take action quickly in order to benefit from the training or coaching in a lasting way.

We don't have a ready-made formula or single recipe. Each intervention is adapted to the unique needs of the participant.

The Coaching Vision Action approach: listening, action, integrity, excellence and success, in a relaxed, positive and completely confidential atmosphere.

Become a Better Leader

Who Should Get Coaching?

Leadership program for all Team Directors , managers, or supervisors

Just like athletes work with coaches to improve their sports performance, anyone can benefit from a coaching relationship to improve their performance in work or in life. A coach will listen to you and urge you to take action.

Do you wish to improve your communication skills with your team members.? Obtain more commitment and a better performance from your people? This program is for you!

Professional Coaching Allows You To:

  • Become aware of " who you are" as a leader
  • Improve your communication skills with your team members
  • Become conscious of how you behave within interpersonal relationships
  • How to stimulate commitment and team synergy
  • Identify your frustrations and the obstacles that hold you back
  • Develop an action plan with precise steps and deadlines
  • How to establish effective performance reviews and implement a coaching structure
  • Get outside of your comfort zone to implement new solutions to recurring problems
  • How to take sound decisions and manage irritants

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