"If you can't feel it, you can't have it!" - Andy Dooley

I just came back from an awesome workshop called « BreakThrough, How to double your manifestations and Have Fun!» with Andy Dooley. Great public speaker and also may I say, a stand up comic. He had us in stitches during the entire day which just flew by! Even though I enjoyed every minute of it, one sentence had such an impact on me, that it literaly turned out to be a revelation! « If you can't feel it, you can't have it !» « Feeling first, manifestation second!» This was the key that I was looking for. I've been coaching and teaching certain tools and aspects for manifestation for over ten years now. The fact that thought become things, was not a problem for me to grasp, because it is profound truth foundation in my life and has been for a very long time. Visualization has been a part of my daily routine also for many years now. In the past, I would manifest my goals, dreams or desires pretty quickly. Manifesting the career that I wanted, the house that I desired, the awesome income increases that no logical person could ever even begin to comprehend and attracting the most important of all my perfect soul mate; which I am very happy to say has been in my life now for 25 years and I pray will be with me for have many, many more! However, during the past several years I seemed to have become stuck and felt that the manifestation energy was not flowing in my life as quickly and as easily as it used to. I began asking myself, what was I doing different from the past? Why was I not manifesting as rapidly as I used to? As always, ask and you shall receive! I had been meditating on the above questions for a couple of months now, and boom! I received my daily « Message from the Universe» email, from Mike Dooley, Andy's brother. That particular day, Andy's program was announced as well as the date that he was going to deliver it in Montreal. I knew I had to attend! Especially with the theme being: BreakThrough! I quickly figured out during the program, I had stopped feeling the end result. I was visualizing like an automat but not feeling the end result like I used to! I also became so serious in the creation of my goals and dreams and got pretty hung up with «HOW» they should manifest. Forgetting that the HOW does not belong to me. My role is to THINK, FOCUS, FEEL AND ATTRACT! Thank you Andy, that was a great reminder! This does not mean to sit and wait and not have an action plan. It simply means, we must begin by creating what we want, using a very powerful tool that was given to us called IMAGINATION, and FEEL what it would be like to already have attained the dream, goal or objective that we desire. By focusing on the end result and feeling it intensely, we stimulate the manifestation energy. We tune in to the proper frequency where we can then attract the object of our true INTENTION. By doing this, we get the creative energy flowing. In turn, this energy inspires us to take the proper actions. Opportunities, people, means, tools then begin to appear and show up in our lives! This also requires that we become present and alert. If not, these will pass us by! We need to seize them as they are delivered to us. I share with my customers, how paying attention to our feelings is of great importance. Our emotions are our alarm system confirming whether or not we are making the right choices and whether these choices are taking us also in the right direction towards our true desires! How we feel attracts either what we don't want or what we do want. It up to us to pay attention to the feelings that we are entertaining constantly! Example: «I don't seem to be able to get it!» « I am not capable of creating the life I truly desire!» « I was not born for greatness!» No need to say, that when we hold on to such thougths, we feel like sh.....! So if we are feeling that way, guess what? We attract more reasons and situations to confirm our feeling! Andy's simple recipe for awesome manifestations: « Think, Focus, Feel, Attract!» I am so very happy to have been reminded of a very important factor: FEEL THE END RESULT first, MANIFEST second! As so well said by Andy, I have begun TO ROCK again!
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