"We are all dependent on one another, every soul of us on earth"- George Bernard Shaw

If only every single human being realized to what point we are all interconnected. That what happens to one of us, happens to the whole. Most probably if we all did, we would be much more responsible for our thoughts, words and actions. If you demand more substantial and credible evidence than my own, then I am privileged to refer you to the teachings and philosophy of Christ, Plato, Socrates, Epectetus, Confucius, Emerson, James, Musterberg and Napoleon Hill and many more. For more than four thousand years, men have been preaching the Golden Rule as a suitable rule of conduct among men but have failed to undertand the law upon which it is based. As per Napoleon Hill: " There is an eternal law through the operation of which we reap what we sow. When you select the rule of conduct by which you guide yourself in your transactions with others, you will be fair and just, very likely, if you know that you are setting into motion by that selection a power that will run its course for weal or woe in the lives of others, returning, finally, to help or to hinder you, according to its nature." So very true! I have been working with various leaders at many levels of organisations and have witnessed this law in operation over and over again. The Golden Rule of treating your colleagues in the same manner that you wish to be treated is a fundamental and universal law that cannot be tweaked, twisted or bypassed. What you give out, you will get in return. A question that I always love to ask the leaders that I have the privilege of working with is as follows: - What do you expect from a great leader? ( I have them think about this and ask them to write down all of the qualities that they wish to find in their leader.) - What attitude and behaviour do you wish to witness in a great leader? - What do you feel a true leader must accomplish to gain your respect and trust? Once they have done the above homework, the next step is to take a good honest look at the answers and to be honest with themselves and take notice of the aspects that they need to work on as leaders of their teams. It is always a great revelation to them that their team members expect these same qualities, attitudes and behaviours from them! They quickly realize, that what they expect and want to find in their leader, is basically what they should be working on and trying to master for themselves. You cannot receive, what you are not willing to give to others. You will always receive, what you have been giving out! Too many leaders are not present to whom they are " Being" in their roles. As a leader, stop and ask yourself honestly: " Would I work for me? Would I want to follow me? Am I worthy of my team members respect and trust? " A leader recently shared with me after coming back from a sick leave and a open heart surgery, how he now realized how badly he had treated his team members as well as his close family. Tears filled his eyes, when he was able to share how this situation had made him stop and step back and look at what kind of a leader he had been. He saw evidence of that, when only one of his team members bothered to come and visit him in the hospital! He realized that the heart attack and surgery was a wake up call. The Golden Rule applies at all times, and in every area of our lives. Caring and kindness can go a long long way! What kind of a leader do you truly want to be?
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