Are we truly happy and joyful ?

Are we truly happy and joyful ?

Are we truly happy and joyful?

We live in a world of performance. Of having to generate results, profits, attaining budgets or quotas, etc. We have to fight our competition, circumstances and more…

We get trapped in constantly struggling, working hard to become, to attain… to have… and when we finally do attain or obtain what we were striving so hard for, are we truly happy and satisfied? Or does this entire cycle start all over again?

I invite you to consider that there is a much better way to live. A much more powerful way to live. Begin by choosing to be who you truly desire to be, this inspires you to do the necessary actions and then you have positive results!

We do not earn happiness and joy. Happiness and joy are always and already there within each and everyone of us. They are at the source of who we truly are.

Nothing from the outer can bring us true joy or true happiness. They come from within and are expressed through us in order to be generated on the outer. Happiness and joy are a choice!

Looking to things, people or events to make us feel happy and joyful will definitely eventually bring forth disappointment. Why? Because nothing and no one can truly maintain our joy and happiness. All that comes from the outer is temporary.

I remember quite a few years ago, when facing a very difficult challenge with my youngest daughter, who was at that time involved with the wrong crowd, and taking hard drugs. While having lunch with a business colleague and friend and enjoying a happy and joyful conversation, at one point he asked me how was my daughter doing, as he was aware of this very difficult ongoing situation. When I shared with him the update in this particular circumstance which was far from positive, he paused and looked straight into my eyes and asked "Ghislaine, how can you still be so joyful and happy at a time like this? I would not be able to do that, how do you do it?"

My answer to him was: "In this very moment, in this present time, here with you, I choose to be happy and joyful. This comes from within me. This moment permits me to be in touch with these inner gifts now, to express them now!"

By remaining in the present moment and choosing happiness as well as joy, I instantly become happiness and joy!

Feeling good in that moment transformed my mood, my entire day and energy level. I had a great time!

My happiness and joy are not at the mercy of people and circumstances coming from the outer. They come from my inner and are always available and always there, ready to be expressed.

By choosing and being happiness and joy, these two very powerful ingredients have enabled me through the past years to make it through many storms and challenges without losing my inner peace, peace of mind, health and well-being.

I choose to be joy and happiness which inspire me to take the necessary powerful and positive actions and then have and receive the positive results coming from these choices.

Be happy now, be joyful now and then witness how situations and circumstances can begin to transform before your very eyes!

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