Do you have true friends?

Do you have true friends?

Do you have true friends?
Do you realize that they are your
most important and valuable resource?

Have you ever repotted a withering plant into a larger container with more nutritive soil? It immediately comes back to life.

This is because it is no longer imprisoned in an environment which impedes its growth. The elements that had surrounded it and had been so important to its earlier growth, can no longer support any further progress. In fact, not only can they not assist further growth, they actually contribute to its withering!

It is often like that with the people that surround us. Often they are the elements we look to for our emotional and professional support and nourishment. If they do not support our growth, then we become like the potted plant, limited by its surroundings.

What we actually then need, is a larger pot and more nutritive soil.

What type of people are we tolerating in our environment?

Do they support our growth or are they actually trying to hold us back?

True friends, and I emphasize on the word TRUE, provide a rich environment that offers us the safety and encouragement to grow and thrive at our own pace.

'For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them. '
Matthew 18:20

When you have embarked on a new journey you are like a seedling, fragile and easy to uproot. The more you grow the stronger your roots become. Therefore you must choose the right support group who will guide and support you on your new adventure.

You must be especially careful not to waste valuable energy on negative people who do not believe or disapprove of what it is you are committed to accomplishing.

Holding on to relationships that do not support who we are or what we are doing, drains our energy. By carefully selecting a true support group, we can be ensured that they will contribute to increasing our vital energy.

If you were trying to climb a mountain, you would not choose a support group who is afraid of heights. You would choose people who share this same passion, and obviously people who have already climbed mountains and know how to guide and support you.

A true support group is your most valuable resource . Alone, we cannot accomplish anything!

As an example, would any of the great accomplishments in this world have happened if the person who accomplished them had not shared his or her vision with anybody?

The only way for our vision to become alive, is to share it with other people. People who become enrolled in our dream , who can see it and believe that we can succeed in what we set out to accomplish. By keeping our vision within ourselves and not sharing it with anyone, means we do not give it life. It then remains an idea and goes nowhere!

This does not mean to divorce your husband or wife, or drop all of your friends who do not believe in or see what it is you see for yourself. It simply means to search for, find and surround yourself with people who do believe and wish to support and guide you in your new adventure.

A true support group, will pick you up when you become discouraged. They will help you see clearly when you become lost or confused. They will help you find the necessary tools and contacts that will enable you to grow and gain strength as you pursue your journey.

How can you identify a true support group?

  • Their values are in line with your fundamental values.
  • They have faith in you.
  • They are not trying to use you for their own benefit, they truly desire to contribute to your growth and success.
  • They are people of integrity and honor.
  • They are caring, positive and uplifting.

Believe in who you are, believe in what you are doing, and most of all, believe in surrounding yourself with people who will truly support you.

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