The impact of Covid-19 in Our society, are we all responsible?

The impact of Covid-19 in Our society, are we all responsible? Whether it be a country, organization, family or communities, great uneasiness which is nourished by fear and not love, can create a collective anxiety.

When we slip into fear, we lose power and we then believe that we are at the mercy of people, situations or circumstances. Fear, is the opposite of the greatest universal power " Love".  Fear will generate two " CANCERS" that are easily found in our world:

1. The Blame Syndrome ( " I must find and punish the guilty...")
2. The Victim Syndrome ( " I am at the mercy of..., poor little old me!")

Asking ourselves questions that begin with "who"while looking to blame others does not resolve anything! These questions will mostly generate Fear, will destruct all creativity and will put up concrete walls between our team players, members of our families as well as between different populations.

Instead of doing some " brainstorming" and working all together to find solutions and accomplish great things, we chose  " blamestorming" ( blaming others) and we accomplish absolutely nothing positive or constructive.

Have you ever asked yourself " Who they are "? They must be a very huge and powerful group who have a lot of influence because we speak about them all of the time! As an example have you ever said things like this when speaking about them?

It's their problem!
They must do something in order to resolve this!
It entirely their fault!
They should have known better!

Blaming others removes us completely from the equation, renders us unnacountable, prevents us from taking part in possible solutions and worse, prevents us from creating solutions! We are all connected to each other, and the day has finally arrived where humanity must now comprehend that what is done to one is done to each and every one of us.

When we are aligned with the heart and with love, we have access to great inspiration, there where we can access a multitude of solutions, some that we would never have even been able to imagine let alone think of.

If I can transform my questions which used to begin with " Who " by using the following magic words:

How can I?
What can I?
How can we?
What can we?

By using these, I automatically activate my cocreativity and my proactivity. I pull myself out of fear, to reclaim my power and I then become responsible. I automatically chose to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

The Victim Syndrome

Questions that begin with " Why", Why me?  Why us? Are expressed by people who suffer from the " PLOM CANCER",

I've become a victim of my environment, of the people that are around me! These questions are not very productive, do we agree? 
However, we continually keep asking ourselves these type of questions...we keep falling into the trap of " Why Me" or "Why us"?

Once again, these reactions and behaviors come from Fear, not from the great power of Love for ourselves and others.

We are now entering into a new era, a new global vibration, where the heart of each and everyone of us must begin to open. The awakening of our hearts and of our consciousness are now necessary; the present insatisfaction of a multitude of human beings towards the old forms of fear based leadership and dictatorship is presently being manifested all over our planet.

"Heart-Centered" Leadership requires courage, faith, and a profound awareness. This type of leadership requires for all of us to move from unconsciousness to consciousness, and all of this can only be accomplished with a great dose of humility!

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