Unleash Your Inner Leader by Mastering the Art of Influence and Inspiration

Unleash Your Inner Leader by Mastering the Art of Influence and Inspiration What are the Core Principles that Define Exceptional Leaders?

" What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others" 
- Nelson Mandela

" The final test of a leader is that he leaves behind him in other men the conviction and the will to carry on"
- Walter Lippmann

Self-esteem is always reflected in our capacity to love others.

A dominant and crushing leadership style always reflects a low self-esteem and very little self-confidence.  When witnessing today's international political scene, we can easily find perfect examples and witnesses of the results that these types of leadership have generated all over the world.  The impact of this type of leadership is felt all round the planet as well as in our environment.  The present pandemic has challenged and tested many World Leaders. Their behaviors as well as the present suffering of their people speaks a lot louder than their best inauthentic speeches.

The need to feel that we dominate others is simply caused by our fears of being dominated. The lack of confidence in others simply reflects our own lack of self-confidence. All that we inflict on others, we inflict upon ourselves. All these behaviors are generated by our ego, and when our leadership style is inspired by the ego, it is impossible to exercise a powerful and durable leadership, as the negative and destructive results are bound to follow.

Love is a very powerful force, which comes directly from our hearts. Love IS our life's source and our true nature. It gathers, mobilizes, inspires, and literally creates miracles. The results generated by a love and heart centered leadership is much more important, powerful and transformative. It can propel nations, teams, or a family above and beyond what was ever believed possible.

Love is comparable to the hub of a wheel, in the center of the wheel all becomes one. The more we move away from the hub and towards the outer part of the wheel, the spaces between the spokes become wider thus creating the illusion that they are separated from one another. The truth is, it is the hub that keeps all in place and ensures the solidity and integrity of the entire wheel. Our heart plays the same role in our lives and in our role as a Leader it is our center and our hub.

Too often we believe that our value is evaluated by our image and appearance, our performance, our accomplishments, or our belongings.  We often establish our life objectives by the contents of our wallets. We believe at times being successful means owning the best car, the biggest house or having obtained university diplomas.  All of these are inspired by our egos' needs and ideals.

The greatest values of a leader can be summarized in three aspects: His faith, his Family, and his Contribution to his people, as well as the imprint that he will leave behind.  An eternal imprint that time cannot erase as he will have profoundly touched people, not only his family members, but his entire surroundings and community.

The Imprint of a Good Leader

Whether you be the Leader of a Nation, of a Team or a Family, what kind of testimonials would you like to hear when you leave this life? What is the imprint you would like to leave behind you?  Will it be profound and imperishable throughout the years?  Will it be impossible to erase in the memories of all of those you will have encountered, touched, or worked with?

What will be left in peoples' memories will be a direct reflection of the type of leadership you expressed during your existence. Will it be one generated by the Ego or one that was heart centered?

" There is no difficulty that love cannot conquer, no disease that love will not heal, no door that enough love will not open...It makes no difference how deep set the trouble, how hopeless the outlook, how muddled the tangle, how great the mistake. A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all. If only you could love enough, you would be the happiest and most powerful being in the world..." - Emmet J. Fox

Service is the base of all missions

Those who found their existence on this principle see their lives and roles as a mission and not just as a simple career. I love the metaphor illustrated in the book " Principle-Centered Leadership" by Stephen R. Covey, in which he states that the principle of "Service" is fundamental in a Leader. He describes how we can imagine every morning putting on a harness when thinking of the work that is to be done during the day, and to allow another person to adjust the yoke or harness as we move during the day. Imagine being hitched with another person at your side (a colleague or a spouse) and learning to advance together. 

We can consider this a moral or intellectual exercise.  But to have a true sense of responsibility as well as the commitment to truly want to serve, and the desire to contribute to the elevation of the community, these will be the only motivations and drive that will allow you to advance in the right direction much more rapidly and without the feeling of heaviness caused by the sentiment of having to push and pull to attain the determined goals and objectives. By using these elements the efforts will have been done in vain and can drain you of your vital energy.

Here are 8 points and distinctions that are part of a Leaders' core values:

1. I am very conscious that my thoughts create my reality

2. Paying attention to my emotions and my feelings help confirm if I am making good choices

3. My beliefs control my attitudes, my behaviors as well as my results

4. The people who are part of my surroundings are a good indicator of " who" I chose to be as a Leader

5. " Who" I chose to be in the world has an impact on the " whole". I remain positive and confident, and I concentrate on the best possible solutions for all.

6. I respect my environment when I also respect myself.

7. My words create, so I remain alert and conscious of all that comes out of my mouth. All my words are aligned with what I truly want for myself and for others.

8. My body is a Sacred Temple.  I treat it with respect. I realize that I need a healthy body in order to fulfill my responsibilities as a Leader.

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