The Power Of Authentic Leadership

The Power Of Authentic Leadership

By learning more about ourselves, we naturally discover " a few" barriers to overcome, but more importantly, we find a strong capacity to communicate effectively, which enables us to accomplish significant results as a team.

This program aims to be an introduction that will help you maximize the potential offered by the power of leadership and by team synergy.

General Training Objective

This program allows your leaders to fully understand the roles and responsibilities involved in being a team coach. At the end of this workshop, the participants will have gained an understanding of the difference between influencing and manipulating their players, and the effect these have on mobilizing and motivating their team, peers and colleagues. They will also master and apply powerful and inspirational communication tools that will allow them to influence and communicate more effectively.

What do our recent participants say about this program: " Ghislaine, you are an excellent coach and it was a great pleasure working with you. I obtained great value in participating in this program. You have contributed in my development with tools that will improve my approach, develop my emotional intelligence and widen my horizons." - Lucian Jurca, Director of Operations- Carquest Canada.

Specific Objectives, participants will:

  • Demystify the role they play and the significance of that role within the organization;
  • Understand the significance of their specific functions;
  • Develop their savoir-faire ( how-to skills) and their savoir-être ( self-management skills);
  • Identify the objectives they want to attain;
  • Identify obstacles and irritants;
  • Identify acquired strengths and determine specific actions that will work towards overcoming limitations;
  • Definitely adopt success-oriented behaviors and attitudes;
  • Understand the notion of power;
  • Be able to adopt appropriate behaviors to negotiate with manipulative players;
  • Be able to find solutions to confilcts within their team;
  • Use appropriate decision-making tools;
  • Gain an overview of the potential for the fundamental steps in achieving different types of change and transformation within their teams;

Pedagogical Support Materials

  • Participant workbook
  • Visual presentation
  • Team exercises
  • 1 hour of individual coaching per participant following the complete delivery of the workshop

* No reimbursements for cancellations received 5 days or less from the delivery of the 1st date of this program
For more information please contact us: 514-208-0938 or
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