The True Transformative Power Of Authentic Leadership

Date: 26 September 2024
Location:  8 Virtual- 2h classes. Contact us for information on the next upcoming dates.
Time: 16 hours
Price: $1197.00
Early Bird Price: $997.00 (Before 2024-09-12)

The True Transformative Power of Authentic Leadership

Welcome, Leaders of all levels!

We embark on a transformative journey to unlock the true power of authentic leadership. In this workshop, we will delve deep into the core principles that define exceptional leaders and explore how embracing authenticity can revolutonize your leadership style. Get ready to discover the secrets to building trust, fostering collaboration, and inspiring your team to reach new heights. Together let's unleash the leader within and create a ripple effect of positive change throughout your organization!

General Training Objective

During this program you will truly understand your role and responsibilities and the core principles that define powerful and authentic team coaches. At the end of this workshop, you will have gained an understanding of the difference between influencing and manipulating your players, and the effect these have on inspiring and motivating your team to reach new heights. You will also master and apply powerful and inspirational communication tools that will enable you to create a greater team synergy and bring forth a positive change of culture within your organization.

What do our recent 2024 participants say about this program : Satisfaction survey results: 100%

- "The training program is very relevant and will help me moving forward" - Kaeser Canada
- " Very good training program, and very practical" - Kaeser Canada
- " Very interesting and dynamic"- Del Vasto Group
- " I very much appreciated this program because the facilitator masters her training material" - Del Vasto Group
- " Very constructive and enriching" - Del Vasto Group
- " Very interesting session, time went too fast. Great Job!" - C. Boudreau, Parts City Auto
- " Super interesting and motivating" - G. Cowan, Parts City Auto.
- " Excellent Presentation!"- T. O'Brien- Vast Auto.
- " Much of the material gave a " Why" and "How" we deal with our team players"- A Hicks, Vast Auto

Specific Objectives, participants will:

  • Demystify the role you play and the significance of that role within the organization;
  • Understand the significance of your specific functions;
  • Develop your savoir-faire ( how-to skills) and your savoir-être ( self-management skills);
  • Identify the objectives you want to attain;
  • Identify obstacles and irritants;
  • Identify acquired strengths and determine specific actions that will work towards overcoming limitations;
  • Definitely adopt success-oriented behaviors and attitudes;
  • Understand the notion of power;
  • Be able to adopt appropriate behaviors to negotiate with manipulative players;
  • Be able to find solutions to confilcts within your team;
  • Use appropriate decision-making tools;
  • Gain an overview of the potential for the fundamental steps in achieving different types of change and transformation within your team;

Pedagogical Support Materials

  • Participant workbook
  • Visual presentation
  • Team exercises
  • 1 hour of individual coaching per participant following the complete delivery of the workshop

* No reimbursements for cancellations received 5 days or less from the delivery of the 1st date of this program
For more information please contact us: 514-208-0938 or
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