How to shift from ego to heart centered leadership?

How to shift from ego to heart centered leadership? We have all become witnesses of the impact and destructive results caused by ego centered Leadership within our World. We can simply look at the results of not only past but present governments, the violence, the corruption, and the terrible War in Ukraine caused by one man Vladimir Poutine.

We are more then ever aware that this type of Leadership is destructive, negative and can only result in violence, poverty as in the past history of humanity.

Did you know that Stanislov Yevgrafovich Petrov, a Lieutenant Colonel of the Soviet Army saved our World on September 26th, 1983? Had this man listened only to his ego, his mental and logic mind, as well as the well implemented protocol instead of his inner voice, his heart and intuition, we would no longer be here, as all of humanity would have been destroyed by a nuclear war. Our existence here on Earth could have ended on that day.

To be precise, had this man not been at his post the evening of the 26th of September 1983, had another been there in his place because he was replacing another person that evening, the decision that was taken at that moment could have been entirely different and would have had devastating repercussions for our entire planet. ( Reference: " The Man Who Saved The World"- Wikipedia)

Therefore, if you think that one individual with an endless thirst for power, who is completely under the control of his Ego and disconnected from the heart cannot destroy humanity and our planet, think again.  This would not be the first time that we have come very close to the ending of our existence here on Earth!

The terrorism and corruption within certain governments all result from Ego Centered Leadership and can only manifest negative and destructive situations that have nothing to do with the welfare of others and everyone. We are at the threshold of a new era and the opening of the heart. One that can and will transform this planet.  Nothing can remain hidden or secret. All is brought to the light. As in nature, when light attains obscure and dark areas, a lot of  vermin crawls out from under rocks and from places that were hidden for maybe a long time.

So where do our values come in?

What happens to our values when we decide to play the political game? Can these two be reconciled?  Yes because there are good political skills; and there are political skills that are dishonest and undesirable- or worse.

So, as a Leader,  how do we figure out which is which?

We distinguish between:

- Creating alliances with the organization's key people; versus using dishonest persuasion methods;

- Being persuasive in a subtle and skilful way, by promoting ourselves with humility and integrity; versus  Manipulating people and information;

- Allowing ourselves to see the big picture in all situations; versus Using negative tactics ( intimidation, threats, ridicule); Controlling information to gain an advantage.

How can we identify manipulators who are controlled by Ego?

- Abuse of power;
- Harm done to others;
- Excess of control to satisfy personal needs;
- By passing rules and regulations to satisfy personal interests;
- Self Admiration;
- Disproportionate ambition;
- A tendency to look upon others as an extension of self;
- A tendency to be a profiteer ( " I demand the respect that I deserve");
- A tendency to be authoritarian ( " I like to be the center of attention");
- A tendency to be arrogant ( " I am much better then others");

The above-mentioned examples sow upon others, whether it be a country, organization, family or community, discomforts that are nourished by fear and definitely not by love. When we slip into fear, we lose power, and we then believe that we are at the mercy of people, situations, and circumstances. Fear is a power that is opposite to the greatest power in the Universe which is Love. And fear generates two " cancers" that can be found in our World:

- The Blame Syndrome ( " I must find the guilty...")
- The Victim Syndrome ( " I am at the mercy of..., poor little old me")

When aligned with our heart and with love, we can access inspiration. This is where a multitude of solutions can be found some that we would never have thought about, or even considered.

By asking better questions, we can access better answers. Beginning our questions with " How can I? What can I? How can we? What can we?", we automatically activate our creative and proactive energy thus rooting out fear and reclaiming our power and becoming responsible.  We automatically chose to take part in the solution instead of the problem.

We are entering a new era and a new global vibration. The opening of each individual heart. The awakening of hearts and higher collective consciousness are necessary; the present great dissatisfaction of human beings towards the ancient forms of leadership empowered by fear and dictatorship, is being manifested all over our planet.

We are all now witnessing the great battle between these two vibrations; one generated by fear and the other generated by the heart and by love. This battle is simply a reflection of our own inner conflicts.  The more we open our hearts and participate in the elevation of the collective consciousness, the more we will be guided and inspired in making better choices and taking positive and powerful actions. Only then will our Ego's voice weaken, our mind takes its rightful place which consists of serving the love within us and not the other way around as in the past.

I sincerely believe this this ancient form of Leadership is coming to an end; I can witness it during my coaching interventions. Every Leader that I have the great honor and privilege of working with demonstrate the need for transformation, their great dissatisfaction with the status quo, their commitment in wanting to make a difference not only in their teams and business, but also in their personal life.

It is more and more evident that this new generation of leaders is growing more and more and are taking their rightful place, whether it be in  politics, social, community or family affairs.

Heart Centered Leadership requires courage, faith, profound consciousness and awareness. This Leadership requires that we move from " unconsciousness" to  higher "consciousness" with a good dose of humility.

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