Does leader = loneliness?

Does leader = loneliness?

Does the meaning of being in distress
mean your are a looser?

When you turn from the light, you have darkness. When you turn from the positive, you experience the negative. If you are seeing shadows in your life, they are your own because, in some way, you have turned your back to the Light.” (From The Quest: Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla)

We can all continue to ignore what is going on in the business world today. It is not a secret, that the amount of suicides that have to do with work and the tremendous demands that certain organisations put on their people in leadership roles are at times unrealistic and quite frankly inhuman!

When we look at the expiry date for CEO’s in this day and age, it is of less then two years. A healthy bottom line is all that seems to matter, no matter what the cost is. If we take a hard look at what these situations represent as costs to society, somehow, the money may be coming in one door, but it is also leaving out the back door faster then we may think!

75% to 90% medical consultations are directly linked to stress. In North America, stress, depression and anxiety problems are directly related to work, resulting in the loss of 13,5 million work days per year.

The illnesses directly related to stress are also pretty concerning as per Mr. Ronald Pitzer, Sociologist:

  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Heart attacks
  • Problems with immune system
  • Cancers
  • Muscular and bone problems
  • Diabetes and many more…

The purchase of antidepressents in Quebec only, have gone up from 4,5M in 2001 to 7,5M in 2005! Thousands of people who are absent from work per year here in Canada, are away because of mental problems.

I have had the privilege of coaching people in leadership positions who were suffering from burnouts and some even on the verge of depression. Their distress and their solitude led them to seeking for help.

They did this confidentialy, because they were ashamed of their situation and did not want their peers to be made aware of what they categorised as a weakness or failure.

Being at the top, may at times feel like there is no one to go to. No one to share your fears with, no outlet, no hope.

The first step to healing is: HAND IT OVER! Accept that you cannot do it alone. We all need each other, and nothing in this world can be accomplished alone! That is the very first thing I ask these people to do when they come in for help.

Another step is taking reponsability that no one did this to you. You did it to yourself. You actually gave permission to people, situations and circumstances to take away your light and your power. The secret I would like to share with you, is that this is illusion. Because the light and the power within you, never leave you. You cannot be separate from it, because it IS YOU. You have simply turned your back to it, or disconnected from it for a while and the payback is not worth it is it?

If you are willing to hand over the distress, the feeling of being lost or in a free fall you are already making a giant step towards your healing. Being willing to chose your life and yourself and putting your wellbeing first on your priority list, ahead of your career and work will transform your life.

There is no other path to healing a part from going within. The light, the answers, the inspiration and the road to healing does not lie outside of you, they are all inside of you and the sooner you connect with your inner self, the sooner you will find your way back to the light, to the joy, peace and happiness that are already part of you and part of your divine inheritance.Nothing and no one can stand in the way of your good and nothing and no one can take your good away from you. Affirm this, believe this, and your situation or circumstances will soon transform into the joy, peace and happiness. These are yours, claim them now!

Take responsibility for your life. Take responsibility for your choices. Take responsibility for the results of your past choices. If they have not brought you to the place you truly desire, it is time to transform them.

If you are already in a free fall, do not be ashamed to seek help now! There is no dollar sign that can compensate for your life. It is priceless and it is happening now!

There are no reruns in life, no credit margins, no interest rates. This is one account that gets closed permanently!

As society it is high time we began to honor and respect life. It is not a commodity, it is a very precious gift.

We now live and act as if all is disposable! Disposable employee, diposable spouse, disposable children and even a disposable God. Many a time, when individuals stop and take a hard look at why they find themselves in so much distress and darkness, it is because they have discarded or forgotten all that brought joy, laugther and happiness into their lives.

Very often, they have lost sight of what truly matters, what truly lasts. The more you give light the more you receive it in return.

My husband and I unfortunately lost a good friend to cancer not too long ago. And the one thing we were very present to, all that matters in that moment is to love and be loved.

Everything else became empty and meaningless…, there were no more possessions, no title, no role left for this person who was heading back home, back to the light where we all come from.

So hand it over, let go and reach out for help and accept that you cannot do it all alone. Do not be ashamed to reclaim your life, it belongs to you, and no one else!

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