Why do we “Burn out”?

Why do we “Burn out”?

Why do we “Burn out”? Because we do not dare create a world of possibility for ourselves and for our lives!

Don’t lose your confidence if you slip. Be grateful for a pleasant trip and pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again!” (From the song: “Pick yourself up” by Dorothy Fields & Jerome Kern)

When your body puts the brakes on and forces you to stop for a while, this is not negative, on the contrary it is positive. Why? Because the purpose behind this “time out” is to enable you to become present to the fact that you are presently standing at an exciting spot, at the junction of the familiar, strewn with worn-out ways, and the unfamiliar with all its limitless possibilities!

What is the true meaning of insanity? It is to make the same choices, do the same actions and be completely surprised that the results are the same! What have you been tolerating in your life that has become unbearable?

Do you feel that you are turning in circles, that you are not feeling fulfilled and completely happy with your life, or your career? It is time to take a good hard look at the choices you have been making.

If you don’t, you will just come full circle again and find yourself in the same situation. Just taking “happy pills”will not resolve the true root as to why you “burned out“ in the first place! I am not saying that medication is wrong, I am simply stating that it is definitely not the solution, it is only a bandaid. Unless you pull out the root cause and get to the truth behind the burnout, you will not retrieve your joy of living, your enthusiasm and your vital energy.

Are your choices really in line with what it is you truly want? Or are they the result of what you feel you HAVE TO DO?

Are you settling for less than what you truly want for your life and for your career? By the way, you do not HAVE TO DO ANYTHING! Your are not a victim of circumstances. Nobody tied your hands up with a chain this morning and dragged you off to work. You chose to go in to work today.

All that is happening in your life is a result of your choices. There are no good or bad choices. There are only choices! If you do not like the results, you simply need to transform the original choice.


Being able to make choices that support who we really are requires courage, faith and good self knowledge.

Keeping ourselves small, does not serve anyone! No one is small! Inside of each human being there is an extraordinary and unique person. However, this extraordinary being is either awake or asleep within us.

When you are willing to dare to be who you truly are inside, and begin expressing this entirely, this is when you will open up a tremendous world of possibility for yourself and for all of the lives that you will touch during your journey of Self-discovery.

You are unique, you have exclusive talents and gifts to offer humanity. Discovering what those gifts are, requires that you get off of the merry go round once in a while and spend some time with yourself!

As stated by Anna E. Roosevelt: “no one can make you feel small without your permission!”

Most people have become like machines, they are doing the same things day in and day out, bored and not at all present to their lives or to the wonderful people in their lives. Life is simply passing them by, like a parade that they are willing to watch but not be a part of.

I invite you to consider a perception. Life is a wonderful game. You can choose to sit in the stands and watch the game, and even give yourself permission to criticize those that are actually courageous enough to play the game; or you can choose to get on the field and play fully!

Does that take courage? Damn right it does! However your only chances of scoring or winning is by actually playing the game!

Choose your game now, choose yourself and your life now. Not when your kids grow up, not when you grow older and retire.Your life is happening now, live it with joy and passion.

Get up and choose the game you wish to play, one filled with infinite possibilities!“

The more I live, the more I learn, the more I learn the more I realize the less I know. Each step I take, each page I turn, each mile I travel only means the more I have to go. What’s wrong with wanting more, IF YOU CAN FLY THEN SOAR, WITH ALL THERE IS… WHY SETTLE FOR, JUST A PIECE OF SKY! ” (From the movie Yentl, sung by B. Streisand)

Do not choose to « burnout » choose to live fully now!

Ghislaine Labelle, Professional coach

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