A strong and durable team synergy thanks to " Heart Centered Leadership "

A strong and durable team synergy thanks to " Heart Centered Leadership " " Heart Centered Leaders" must be open, simple, direct and they do not manipulate others. They are not extremists, and not about " all " or " nothing", which divides people between what is believed to be right or wrong.  They have the capacity to bring about what is " good" for all. Their actions and attitudes are adapted to the situation at hand. They practice balance, temperance, moderation, and wisdom.

Heart-Centered Leaders are not bullies, religious fanatics, political maniacs nor dictators depriving people of  their rights and liberty of expression.  They do not condemn themselves for their mistakes; on the contrary, they learn from them.  They live sensibly in the present, and plan the future with care by adapting with flexibility to the ever-changing circumstances.  Their honesty is perceptible in their sense of humor and in their ability to admit their mistakes and accomplish their tasks whole-heartedly.


Synergy is the association of multiple factors that when combined bring forth an action in which the sum of the totality is superior to the sum of each of the individual parties. A person that lives and applies these principles, is synergetic and becomes a catalyst for change.  They can improve almost any situation in which they find themselves. They work hard and intelligently to be productive. They are creative and constructive.

 Heart-Centered Leaders must  bring together in a harmonious manner, all the team members while compensating for  some of their weaknesses by using other strengths. To attain objectives, these leaders must be willing to delegate power easily and naturally by trusting in their collaborators. No threat is perceived in the capacities of others, therefore there is no need for micromanagement, espionage, or jealousy.

In case of conflict, these leaders will keep their distance and dissociate the people from the conflict or from the problem that appears, by concentrating on the interests and preoccupations of others instead of wanting to remain on their own positions.  Together, they arrive to synergetic solutions that are in general much better then the original proposals and thus manage to reach compromises in which  each team member  " gives" and " receives".

A powerful synergy is manifested when everyone choses to let go of absolutely wanting to " be right" at all costs,  ( behavior generated by the ego), and are willing to hear as well as understand the perceptions of others, while being open to consider a new common perception which will be beneficial to all parties involved.

Here are certain results generated by " Heart-Centered Leadership":

- Self-Confidence
- Perseverance
- Long Term Vision
- Empathy
- Compassion
- Emotional Self-Control
- Adaptability to people and situations

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A strong and durable team synergy thanks to " Heart Centered Leadership "
A strong and durable team synergy thanks to " Heart Centered Leadership "
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