The GPS Martini!

The GPS Martini! Once you discover your path, it takes commitment to stay on it. It is very easy to get sidetracked and to take detours that only cause delays in reaching your chosen destination!

We invite you to commit to using this week's ingredients to remain on the path that you have chosen to pursue. This week's recipe is not only about pursuing your journey but also finding your way when you are feeling lost.

This week's Coaching Cocktail: « The GPS Martini!»

3 measures of Focus: ( Detours only slow you down. Look where you're looking! What is your path? Where are your feet taking you? If it is not being true to your chosen fundamental destination and desire, you may be setting yourself up for a fall.)

3 measures of Commitment: Staying on the path requires a strong commmitment, and few are interested in making such a commitment. In fact, have you noticed how the further you journey on your chosen path, the fewer people you may encounter along the way? You run into thinning traffic!)

1 measure of Your Unique Way: ( To really evolve as an individual, it will be necessary for you not to follow the crowd. « You are makking your way in the untested waters, away from the ordinary, casting the nets of your vision into unproven territories where most people are afraid to go. But that is where the treasure lies. It is your own unique way.»- The Quest, Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla.)

2 measures of Conviction: ( It is not always easy to stand firm in support of your beliefs and your way of life, especially when that stand isolates you from the masses. Eventually drawbacks will melt away, people come to respect you for your convictions. Eventually they start to wonder what it is you have, and how they can get some of it!)

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