The Peace Martini!

The Peace Martini! This week's Coaching Cocktail is about using very important ingredients that will help us co-create a World of Peace and Harmony. Peace begins with each one of us! If we choose and intend to be an instrument of Peace in the World, we will cause a domino effect. We are all connected, our choice has a definite impact on the whole!  

As always, we invite you to focus on this week's recipe. Commit to applying these ingredients in your life for the next seven (7) days and witness how a state of peace will completely transform your beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.  

This week's Coaching Cocktail: « The Peace Martini!»  

3 measures of Forgiveness: ( If your life is not all that you want it to be, it may be that you have some forgiving to do! Harboring unforgiveness and resentment in our hearts does not hurt others. It hurts us. It eats away at the soul, filling it with bitterness and blocking the free flow of love, which is the essence of our true nature. Holding grudges and hanging on to anger and hatred are Self-Destructive.)

5 measures of Love: ( As creations of the one source, we are whole and complete and, therefore nothing has to be added to us, only RELEASED FROM US. Love must be released. Only when we allow love to pour through our hearts to the hearts of others are we expressing love the way that we should! The real question is not, how can I get more love? It is, how can I express more of the love that I already have?)

3 measures of Kindness: ( Treat yourself and others with utmost Kindness. « How others treat you, you'll discover, has a lot to do with how you treat yourself and thereby teach others to treat you. What you feel is wrong or missing in your relationships, is an indication that something is amiss whithin you, because broadly speaking, anything you see in anyone else is a reflection of some aspect of yourself - otherwhise you wouldn't be bothered by it, because you wouldn't notice it in the first place.»- Wayne Dyer)

2 measures of Being Peaceful: ( No one is capable of making you upset without your consent, and you've given your consent too frequently in the past. « When you begin practicing the intention to be authentic and peaceful, you withdraw your consent to be in the lower energy. You connect to Peace itself, and decide to bring peace to your world, thereby immediately gaining the power to change the energy in all of your relationships.»- Wayne Dyer) Crush and filter WRONG Judgment: ( Things are not always what they seem. Judging them correctly can turn your life around. When we practice the ridiculous habit of judging by appearances, we cut ourselves off from the good which the situation or person holds for us.)

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