the 10 commandments for team synergy

the 10 commandments for team synergy
les 10 commandements

1st commandment

  1. For myself and for the perceptions of my team-mates.
  2. My perception is just that: MY PERCEPTION. I am not in possession of the definitive truth.

2nd commandment

  1. Conversations are not discussions or monologues.
  2. No conversations, no relationships
  3. No relationships, no positive results. I have an impact on my own success and that of my team.

3rd commandment

  1. The role I play in the team is important.
  2. Each of my team-mates also plays an important role.
  3. I cannot accomplish anything alone.
  4. We all need each other.

4th commandment

  1. I am not perfect. Therefore, I have no right to demand perfection of others.
  2. If my brother stumbles, I help him get up. Because if I fall, I want to be helped up.
  3. We are all human beings; we all make mistakes.

5th commandment

  1. Since I am not perfect, how can I judge or condemn others?
  2. If someone is different from me, does that give me the right to judge and condemn him for that difference?
  3. If I need to be right at all costs, I cannot help but make the other person wrong.

6th commandment

  1. … of perceptions that are different from mine.
  2. … of what I need to develop.
  3. … of that I do not have all the answers!

7th commandment

  1. I am responsible, not only for my own results, but for those of my team as a whole!
  2. If I blame everything and everyone, I impact on my own growth as well as on that of my team.
  3. I am not the victim of others or of circumstances. I am fully responsible for my choices, for what I want in any situation, and for the results I achieve.

8th commandment

  1. I cannot build something solid if my foundation does not have integrity.
  2. Lack of integrity impacts on the foundation of my team.
  3. Lack of integrity = loss of power.
  4. Lack of integrity results in mediocrity.

9th commandment

  1. If my word is not worth anything, I have nothing of value left!
  2. If I commit to something, giving up is no longer an option.
  3. I follow through on my commitments to myself and to my team.
  4. A lack of commitment leads to great disappointments.
  5. A lack of commitment has a profound impact on my credibility in the eyes of my team-mates.
  6. When I do not follow through on my commitments, I lose my self-respect and the respect of others.

10th commandment

  1. I trust the skills of my team coach.
  2. I allow others to contribute to my development.
  3. I am open to others suggestions.
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